• Our Belief

    You are true to yourself, real and raw, not perfect.

    You don’t apologize for your uniqueness.

    In this health-driven world, you don’t need permission to snack.

    You see it as part of a balanced lifestyle.

    Simply put, we believe you should be true to yourself and live the balance that’s right for you.

    With Simply the GOODZ, what you see is what you get – snacks that are unapologetically good.

Our Story

In a world with infinite choice, we endeavoured to create a snacking brand that is fun and makes you feel good. By combining our high-quality dried fruits, nuts and flavours into tasty snacks, we make nature’s goodness, simply delicious. It’s that simple. 

In 2021, Jaclyn Sutton and Ron Fenwick, combined their experience in the snacking and dried fruit/nuts categories respectively, to develop our fun and flavourful brand – Simply the GOODZ.  In a few short months, GOODZ could be found in hundreds of stores nationwide.  Simply the GOODZ is a Canadian company fueled by a team of enthusiastic snacking gurus that get out of bed every morning excited to bring new flavours and textures to your snacking repertoire. 

  • Our Team

    The team is a group of amazing and unapologetically impressive people, who are passionate about bringing pleasure to better-for-you snacking. Thanks to this awesome team, we are able to deliver our delicious snacks to your pantry, movie nights, walks and every day shenanigans.

    Our team is led by a passionate, confident, and sometimes a little sassy, female leader that inspires us every day. #girlboss

    “You’re a limited edition. Be unapologetically you.”
    Jaclyn Sutton, CEO