By Sarah Fenwick

Simply the GOODZ x Toronto FC - New Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Simply the GOODZ has become an Official Sponsor of Toronto FC for the 2023 season. Through this partnership, fans will be able to enjoy and share some of their favourite Simply the GOODZ flavours including Great North Maple Mix, Banana Bread Mix, Dried Mango, and Chocolate Dipped Mango at concession stands during Toronto FC games. This partnership will allow soccer fans to fuel their bodies with better for you snacks while not having to compromise on taste.

“We are very excited to kick off this partnership as we head into the season.  While delighting Toronto FC fans with the unapologetically delicious taste of Simply the Goodz snacks, we look forward to cheering, singing and chanting for the players on the field, deep into the season” said Jaclyn Sutton, CEO, Simply the GOODZ.

Soccer remains to be the second most participated sport in Canada and is the most participated sport in Ontario which made for the perfect activity to bring together our Canadian community as we share snacks from a Canadian founded company! Additionally, it has been found that 1 in 4 households have children that participate in soccer, thus finding snacks for our children to ensure they have the energy to play their very best while also staying on par with their understandably high snacking standards, is very important. Through partnering with Toronto FC, we will encourage youth to try and snack on ingredients that will provide health benefits.

“The rise of Soccer in Canada continues to be propelled by the excitement around the Women’s World Cup in July 2023 and the anticipation of the Men’s World Cup on home soil in 2026. Further, as Canada continues to foster a diverse culture and welcome new Canadians every day, soccer has wide and inclusive appeal to all Canadians as the number one sport globally.  Several Toronto FC players hail from countries around the world where soccer is part of the DNA,” said Jaclyn.

We see this partnership as a perfect opportunity to share an amazing snack and experience with Toronto FC fans as people in general are more conscious about what they eat today, but still want to enjoy delicious snacks while cheering on their favourite team. As a proud Toronto FC partner, Simply the GOODZ offers unapologetically delicious snacks at the right time for the right experience.  It is as simple as that. 

We at Simply the GOODZ excitedly look forward with open possibilities to what our future will entail. We will nourish and strengthen our partnership and relationship with Toronto FC and their fans with the goal of becoming the number one dried fruit and nut snack of choice both at the stadium and in fan homes. Doing so, Simply the GOODZ aims to become a place of common ground among fan peers and opposing team fans as we offer flavours that appeal to a wide variety of taste preferences. We will be collaborating with Toronto FC to enhance fan experiences overall of the sport they already know and love. We strive to bring together watching and cheering of an engaging soccer match with better for you snacking to help give fans the energy they need to cheer all game long.

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